Tuesday, September 23, 2014



Hey everyone!

So there's lots to update on!

First of all, Des is doing great! She has been coming to church and is
really loving it.

Also, we've had some pretty sweet lessons this week. We met with Victor, an
older man that lives with some members in the Spanish group, and taught him
the Plan of Salvation. He paid very special attention. His son passed away
some time ago, and he really questions God and what's happened to his son
since he left this earth. I could tell our message brought him hope. He
asked some questions that we weren't 100% positive on, so we told him we'd
study it and get back to him. He pleaded with us to do so because he really
wants to know. It broke my heart. I can tell he has turned away from God
since this all happened. I explained to him that it's times like these when
we need God the most and he should pray and just let it all out and tell
Heavenly Father everything. He agreed. It was pretty emotional. But he was
very genuine and we could tell that this lesson means a lot to him.

We also met with our investigators, Karime & Arnulfo. We taught them the
Gospel of Jesus Christ (lesson 3) and talked about our purpose for life.
They loved it and we asked them if they would want to be baptized. They
said they know this is a huge commitment and want to be sure that this is
what they want. We agreed that it is important to be sure, and praying
about it would help. They agreed! It was awesome. Then, after the lesson,
they walked us to our car and we ended up just talking for like half an
hour. (I have 20 mosquito bites on my legs to prove that.) And got to know
them on a different level. It was great! They're so fun. They invited us to
a barbeque at their house on Saturday, and we went and had the most amazing
carne asada I've ever had. SO GOOD!


I can't believe we are already in August, y'all. It feels like it was just
March! Or something. Time is getting closer and I am truly trying my
hardest to be a great missionary! And to be more consecrated. This week,
I've been studying the Doctrine of Christ. The 5 steps in lesson 3 in
Preach My Gospel! To have faith, repent, be baptized, receive the gift of
the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. And the more I study the more I
realize that EVERYTHING in the gospel, no matter what it is, relates back
to that. And that if we don't do one of those things, our whole foundation
can fall. Like if we do everything except repent daily...it's not going to
work! Or do everything except living in a way that the Holy Ghost can be
with us, that won't work either! It's all together like that for a reason,
and for our salvation. I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to be
the Lord's servant. I plan on serving lonnnggg after this part of my life.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week! :) Keep it up! And if you have
time, drop me a letter or something!

Hermana Wilson

Hey everyone!

We've been meeting with a family as of recent, the Zapatas! They are very
sweet and are a less active family in another ward. We went and saw them a
couple weeks ago and had a great talk with them about why they need to come
to church. Not yesterday, but the Sunday before, Hermana Zapata and their
two kids came to church! It was awesome. And all of them were there
yesterday. They are really struggling right now with trying to find a job
for Hermano and paying rent. Hermana Zapata's mom lives in Mexico and has
cancer, so they send most of the money they make to her. Anyway, a little
miracle happened today with that. The members we live with own a
contracting/construction business. Apparently one of Brother Gabler's
employees quit this morning (he showed up at the house and was not quiet
about it). It was kinda weird. But anyway, a little bit later I was getting
some food and saw him and he told me what happened. (And then a light bulb
went off in my mind) I asked him if he would be hiring anyone new. He said
he'd have to and he'll need to find someone. I mentioned that I knew of a
member that needed a job. And Brother Gabler is going to call him! I'm so
excited. I really hope it works out! That would be such a blessing for
their family.

Last night, we had an amazing lesson with Victor! We read in the folleto
del Plan de Salvacion (...is it weird that I didn't even think about
saying/typing that?). Anyway! It went well. I could tell something was
changing in him as we were talking. There were a couple members with us,
too. He kept asking for things in the Bible that back up what we were
teaching him. We finally just flat out told him that he can know of the
truth if he reads in the Book of Mormon too. That the clarity of it is
better and that if he reads the Bible AND the Book of Mormon, he will get
the answers he needs. Maybe not necessarily from what he's reading, but
what he feels while he's reading. I testified to him that I know it's true
and that everything he needs and wants to know is in that book and it's
another testament of Christ. The members that were with us each testified
as well. Finally, he sighed and said, "Ok...voy a leer. Donde?" in a very
genuine tone. And we were like...WHOA. So we assigned him to read a chapter
and he said he'd do it right when we left and pray about it all. Big
changes are coming for that man, I can just feel it! :)

Also, on Monday night, we had dinner with a family that was hosting some
Sister Cities chaperones. It was way fun, one of them was from Mexico and
the other was from Japan. The Japanese man (I can't remember his name for
the life of me) spoke VERY little English, but it was really cool to talk
with him and ask him about life in Japan. It was fun to talk to them both.
Anyway, the member that was hosting them heard he was amazing at origami,
so she brought out some origami paper and asked him to show us how to make
something. So all of us had our own piece and he was showing us how to make
a crane. I'm happy to say my crane looks pretty legit. It was way fun and I
could tell he enjoyed showing us some of his culture. The Mexican man was
super into it too. Haha it was so fun! :)

Anyway, that's really all I have for this week! I miss you and love you all
SO much. I hope you have a great week!

Hermana Wilson


Hi everyone! So this week was pretty good! We went on exchanges on Wednesday. I got to go to Boulder with my love, Hermana Cropper! (My companion from Wheatland!) It was so fun to be with her again. We always have so much fun together. We did service at a food share place and visited people. We were walking around a trailer park and talking to people in the afternoon, and as we came up to one of the trailers, there was a guy with a little kitten in his hands and his wife and child in the street watching him. I saw the kitten and said, "Oh! Que lindo!" and he told us that he rescued it from the pit bull behind the fence by the trailer. We were like AH! And I took the kitty from him and held it (it seriously only looked like 6 weeks old) and his little heart was racing. Poor thing. It had saliva on it too. Bless. Anyway, we turned it into a missionary contact. I asked them if they'd be interested in learning about our church and they said yes! So the sisters down there had a return appointment. I wonder how it went...haha. We also visited with some newlyweds in Hermana Cropper's ward and talked about tithing. The spirit was so strong! It was a great lesson.


We had a dinner with Valeria and her family this past week. Her kids are so cute, I'll attach a picture of us playing in the grass. Her Dad made some super good tacos for us. I love Mexican food so much. :) Her youngest, Josiah, was in the hospital a couple times last week. He's 15 or 16 months I think? Anyway, the poor little man was super dehydrated. Val shared a story and her testimony of how much Heavenly Father knows everything and loves us. Josiah was so sick that the doctors were talking about putting him on dialysis and were really scared he wouldn't make it. Before that, they did a blood test. Val told us that her and Eddy (her husband) immediately fell to their knees when the doctor took the blood sample out of the room and prayed. She told us they were pleading and pleading with the Lord to help Josiah. Just then, the doctor ran in and said, "Everything is fine! He's going to be just fine!" What an answered prayer!


We are still trying to work really hard! We have very little to work with right now, because we've had to drop a lot of people lately. They're just not ready or as interested anymore. It's sad because these are people who had such a fire about the gospel before and somehow it's gone now. We found a few new places to do some tracting, so that'll be good for this week! I can't believe this transfer is almost over. We have like 2 weeks left, and then the next transfer! I think I might be leaving Longmont. Which is kinda weird, but I am excited to see where I go next. I actually want to finish my mission in Fort Collins. :) I hope I go there again! Anyway, that's really all I have for this week. I miss you and love you all! :) Hermana Wilson


Hi everyone!

So this week was good. Hermana Ferrell and I have been working really hard!

On Monday, we had a really good lesson with Karime and Arnulfo about the
Word of Wisdom. We weren't sure how they'd take it because almost every
time we come, there are opened beers on the table haha. But as we were
talking, they both listened very carefully and by the end of it, they
totally agreed with why we need it. We committed them to keep the Word of
Wisdom for this week and we're going to follow up with them this week. It
was really cool to see them be enlightened like that as we were talking.


On Wednesday, we had a pretty awesome district meeting! That may be because
I gave the training. Haha, but I only had like a few hours to prepare for
it. Some people's children...
Anyway! I gave the training on how we are supposed to teach people and not
lessons. It went pretty well! While I was preparing, I came across this
quote in a talk I have:

"The Lord works from the inside out. The world works from the outside in.
The world would take people out of the slums. Christ takes the slums out of
the people, and they take themselves out of the slums. Christ changes men,
who then change their environment. The world would shape human behavior,
but Christ can change human nature." -Ezra Taft Benson

And how true is that? If we are fulfilling our purpose as missionaries and
teaching by the spirit in a way that caters to the needs of our
investigators, Christ will change them. And how true is that for all of us.
Even as members! We can do so much, we don't know half of our potential.
I'm finding how true that is. If we really understood our divine potential
and nature, nothing would get in our way. As long as we have the Lord on
our side, nothing is impossible. Like that Christ Tomlin song, "If our God
is for us, then who could ever stop us? And if our God is with us, what
could stand against?"


On Friday! We had so many crazy awesome miracles. We contacted some old
investigators and they're new investigators again. :) I am excited to see
what happens with them! Also, we found a less active. Hermana Ferrell and I
have been spending a lot of this transfer cleaning up the messes
missionaries before us have left. For instance, there were some
missionaries that literally would do a door approach lesson and count them
as new investigators (you just DON'T do that). So we had like 60
"investigators". I swear I wanted to rip my hair out. And kill something.
Or someone. You know. So we've been contacting all of them, and about 95%
of them aren't even interested. So irritating. But, we also had like 600
contacts in our phone and we only knew like 100 of them. So we went through
it for a couple hours (we're down to like 350 now) and called as many
people as we could to figure out who they were and why they're in the
phone. But in this process, a woman named Lina asked for us to come by. So
we did and we found out that she is a less active! And she's been living in
Longmont for like 6 years and has requested missionaries on Mormon.org but
no one ever came, and she didn't know where to look for the church to
figure out where she belonged. And she said she's seen missionaries on the
street but was afraid to stop and talk to them. She was confused because
she hasn't met with missionaries here before and doesn't know how we got
her number. Miracle? I think so. We're so excited to start working with
her! She has 5 kids that haven't been baptized, but she said she's going to
start bringing them and hopefully they'll be baptized soon. SWEET.

On Saturday, we had a stake carnival! It was so fun. :) I'll attach a
picture of our district. Everyone was there! Soooooo many people.


Have a great week, y'all! I love you all and hope you're doing well!

Hermana Wilson


Hi everyone!

So I'm getting transferred?! Weird. To a little town called Fort Morgan.
It's in CO. I've been there once for a P-Day when I was in Greeley and it
smells pretty much worse than Greeley. So...yay?
The good news is that Elder McConeghey (from the MTC), Hermana England (MTC
comp) and Hermana Vargha (also from the MTC) will be in my zone! MTC
reunion much? AND, Hermana Luke, my daughter (trainee), is there too!
SERIOUSLY. It'll be so great to see them. The only thing is I'll be an hour
away from them all. What is it with me and being banished? And my new
companion, Sister Loux, is dying this transfer (I'm killing her--means I'm
her last companion on her mission), so that pretty much means I'm going to
be dying in Ft. Morgan, too. I wonder who will kill me? Oh, mission lingo.

Anyway, so I've had to say a lot of goodbyes so far since Saturday. It's a
little emotional, but I've gotten so used to changing so much that it
doesn't really affect me all that much anymore. 2 transfers to go! 12
weeks, to be exact. What the what?! Good think I'm a picture fanatic. It
drives my companion insane. :) But I don't care, I'll be glad I did it
later. I've filled up a 32GB flash drive so far. And I'm about 1/2 way
through an 8GB now. Should be plenty for the rest of my mish.


However, we did have some cool experiences when I was able to go out again.
So that was nice. We went and saw Pamela and her family. I love them so
much. We were talking to her about the importance of reading our scriptures
every day, and she just stopped us and said, "Can I tell you guys
something?" and we were like "Uh...sure?" and she basically said, "I want
to thank you both for not giving up on me. I have really been struggling
because when my mother was deported, I really questioned God. I asked Him
why this happened to us. Because I'm so close with my mom and brother. It
was devastating and I really was just to the point where I didn't want to
believe anymore. But then you came and kept inviting me even though I
wasn't coming to church, and now that I'm going...I don't want to stop. I
don't want to do that to me, my kids, or even my husband even though he
doesn't believe in God." And she just went on about how much she loves the
church and she knows God exists and kept thanking us for loving her and her
family. It was seriously the SWEETEST thing. I was tearing up.


Also, in Sacrament meeting yesterday, Hermana Ferrell and I sang. Yes, Dad,
you read that right. I sang, IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. I was terrified. It was a
FULL house because there were 2 missionary homecoming talks. Haha. We sang,
"Savior, Redeemer of My Soul". Beautiful arrangement. The one from 17
Miracles! Everyone came up to us afterwards and told us it was amazing. So
maybe I didn't sound *that *bad? Or they were just being nice. Probably the
latter. That's only the 2nd time I've sang in front of people like that.
Haha, scary! Hermana Ferrell has been trained and sings in front of people
all the time, so it didn't really affect her that much. Haha, bless.

Anyway, that's really all I have right now. 12 weeks to go, and I'm going
out with a bang. Who knows? Maybe Ft. Morgan isn't that
bad....hahahahahaha. I'm going to make it awesome and baptize the whole
town. And maybe a few cows too. ;)

Love you all!

Hermana Wilson


Hi Everyone!

Oh my goodness I have so much to update on! I hope I have enough time. I'm
just going to put random points that I can think of, because there is so

Okay, to start off, FORT MORGAN IS LEGIT. It smells, but all in all it's so
fun here. Sister Loux and I are pretty exiled from other missionaries, but
we get along so well it doesn't matter.  The people here are
farmers/ranchers and are very hardworking! I love this kind of lifestyle.
It's so cool!

We do service at a place called Cargill Meat Solutions. You can only
imagine what fun ensues there. Apparently they take a lot of pride and and
are a big deal because a cow goes from moo-ing to packaged in 45 minutes.
Which I guess is a very fast process compared to other beef plants. I
dunno, I got nothin'. Anyway, we help teach the employees English there and
help prepare them to take the GED. There are a lot of people from many
different countries. Somalia, Mexico, Sudan, just to name a few. Its really

We also teach English on our own time as well. There are two recent
converts from Guatemala and we're teaching. It was so weird my first time
because no one else spoke Spanish but me. (My language study is going to be
VITAL here!) so I had to interpret a little bit, and man is that hard!
Spanish to English is hard to explain. My brain hurts when I do it. And I
don't even get everything I'm supposed to haha. Its really hard. But I'm
going to keep doing it and hope I get better.

We have a few investigators and less actives we are working with. Mostly
less actives, though. The ward directory is 31 pages long, and only a
fourth of it is active. We cover a lot of little towns so far as even an
hour or so away so we are driving a ton! There are great families here
though so the drive isn't that bad.


Anyway, that's really all I have to talk about for today! I know, it's a
lot. Haha! But I miss you all and love you tons! :)

Hermana Wilson


Hey everyone!

So this week we don't have too much to update on. But I will say that
miracles are everywhere if we look for them! :)

Anyway, a few miracles that have happened are we found like 2 people that
were baptized and haven't been at church for years so that was a cool
experience. They're just popping up like crazy around here. We also found
an investigator that went MIA after she was evicted from her apartment.
That was awesome! And! Roxie received a blessing last week, and her smoking
has gone down incredibly! We're hoping for her to be re-baptized by the end
of this transfer. That would be so legit! And one more, we went to visit a
lady that hasn't been visited in a while and she is from Mexico! It was
such a tender mercy because when we go visit Melvin and Robin (from
Guatemala), it is kind of hard for me to understand their Spanish, and I
started to feel like I was losing my ability. But when we saw Maria, I had
a whole conversation with her and understood everything she said! Whew! It
was seriously a tender mercy for me.

I really do love this area so much. There are some members here I've really
connected with and love to visit! There's a woman named Patty that we visit
every week (sometimes more) and she is just so loving and personable. We
can talk to her about anything and she is so willing to help us as much as
she can. I wasn't feeling good the other day, and we went by her house and
she just took care of me haha. She's the sweetest. Also, another family we
love to visit is the Dory's! Holy cow their family is hysterical. I love
it. Their kids are extremely talented, and their son can quote all of Jeff
Dunham, so, naturally, I enjoy myself.  Our Ward Mission Leader is probably
the best I've seen on my entire mission and he is so great! We love talking
to him, and he picks on us a lot.

The service we do here at Cargill is a lot of fun. I got to help a woman
from Somalia, Sofia, learn how to use the word "not". It was really cool!
Kinda random, but she was so eager to learn it. She and the other Somali's
call us "teacher". Their English is extremely limited, but it's so cute
when they call us that. It's really humbling to be able to help them learn
this language.

The ward is getting very missionary minded, we just have to help them act
on it! We had a meeting with the Bishop yesterday to talk about it. He's
only been the Bishop for 2 weeks, bless his heart. He is very
service-minded and ready to get going, so I'm really excited to see what
blossoms from him serving at this time. I am really excited because as we
find more investigators, I know the ward will help us teach them and take
care of them, so that is definitely comforting.

But yeah, that's really all I have as of right now. 10 weeks to go and I'm
sprinting to the tape with all I've got!

Love you all,

Hermana Wilson


Hi everyone!

Wow, this week has been so good! I feel like there is so much to update on,
so I'll just choose a few things to talk about.

First of all, on Tuesday, we had Zone Conference! It was so good. We
focused on Joseph Smith and the Restoration. Sister Brown gave a great
discussion about it. We talked about the reality of his calling as a
prophet of God, and the fore-ordination of his calling. It was really cool!
And something new I learned, the translation of the Book of Mormon took
from April 7, 1829 to June 30, 1829. When ancient records are usually
translated, it takes YEARS for researchers to translate it even close to
being correct. But with the power of God, it only took like 84 days to
translate the entire ancient record of the Book of Mormon. How cool is
that? Anyway, I love Joseph Smith. I love his testimony of the Savior and
all he did to help the Savior restore the very church he started in New
Testament times. THE CHURCH IS TRUE.


Anyway, the whole zone conference was so good! I'll attach a picture of
some fun people I got to see.  I also got to see some Relief Society
members from the Terry Lake ward (greenie area!) too! It was really cool to
be back in Fort Collins. I miss it there so much. But anyway, we also had
departing testimonies. Which basically means all those in attendance who
will not have another zone conference bears their last testimonies on the
mission. And I just happened to be one of the missionaries who that applied
to. It. Was. SO. Weird. I cried like a baby up there. Haha! I couldn't
believe it. I remembered my first zone conference A YEAR AGO when all the
missionaries who are home now went up there and I was thinking, "Man, I
have such a long way to go." Guess what? Hahaha, that went by fast.


We had another amazing experience on Friday. I'll try to sum it all up
because it was a LOT. But basically Sister Loux and I decided to do weekly
planning at the church (which we never do, we just felt like we wanted
to/should). While we were planning, we all the sudden craved ice cream!
We've only eaten out once since we've been companions. And that was for a
dinner appointment that fell through, so we never eat out.  Anyway, we
decided we were going to go get a Blizzard and bring it back and finish
planning. Well, we were walking through the chapel, and there was a man
there! Weird. So we were kinda thrown off and like, "Oh...hi...?" and we
were talking to him a little bit, anyway, turns out he works on
the satellite systems in the church buildings, and just finished working on
one in Sterling, and just stopped by our building? No idea. It was weird.
Anyway, we asked him if we could do anything for him and he just said, "I
have a question. What do you do when something has happened that has shaken
your faith?" And we were like, super thrown off. But, I will say that the
Spirit was so strong, and we ended up talking to him for 3 hours in the
chapel. His countenance was so depressed and down trodden, but we listened
to him as he told us his story and how unfair his life has been. (Bless his
heart, he's been through hell and back). We really put ourselves in
the  Saviors shoes and did everything we could to give him hope. By the
time we were done talking, his countenance was so different. Maybe he just
needed someone to listen, maybe we said what he needed to hear, I dunno.
But I will say that the Spirit was SO powerful while we were talking. When
we left, we were just in awe. Had we not gone to the church building to do
planning, and had we not gotten that random craving for ice cream, we would
have never met him, or helped him. It's amazing how the Lord works, even if
just a craving for some DQ. And no, we never got our ice cream. Haha!

Miracles are everywhere y'all. You just gotta look for them. Some are HUGE,
and some very small. But the hand of the Lord is in every aspect of our
lives. We just need to pay attention and *give thanks. *Especially when we
don't feel like He's there. I've found that when things are going wrong,
and I give a prayer of thanks, I feel so much better about my
circumstances. I hope you are all preparing for General Conference, too!
I'm so excited to hear from the prophet and apostles. :) :) :)

Anyway, I love you all and hope you're doing well!!

Hermana Wilson

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sister Wilson! You're almost home!

Here Is what Sister Wilson has been up to for the past few weeks!

Remember to email her and Write her! She would love to hear from you!

July 7th

So...I don't even know where to start for this week! SO much has happened! I'm just going to start with the most hilariously awkward situation of my life though.

So Hermana Ferrell and I were going through a list of less actives that we haven't met yet and made some calls to visit them! There was one girl that answered and was like "Yeah! We're home, so come on by!" But the directory said that only a man lived there. So we were a little confused, but went anyway. We went to a independent living retirement home and as we were walking up to the building, there were two people sitting on a bench outside. The girl was pretty young and the guy was super old. They greeted us and invited us to come with them to the little apartment. We were a little confused because they were holding hands. I just kinda figured that he had trouble walking or something. Boy, was I wrong. They sat us down and she proceeded to tell us about them. Turns out, she's 22 and he's 78. And they're IN LOVE. What?! Yep. You heard me right. She told us how it was "love at first sight" and all this stuff. I looked at my companion like "...what the freak do we do!?" And we kept hitting each other's hand to be like "SAY SOMETHING!" but there were seriously no words. NO WORDS, PEOPLE. They were like holding hands and being all lovey and whatever. Let me tell you what....hahahahahah I don't even know what else to say. Turns out they're BOTH members of the church. I asked them if they will be coming at all anytime soon and she said know because people are judgmental and uncomfortable (she then said she thinks the other women are jealous....?? I was like "Oh yes, honey, I'm sure that's exactly it.") with them sitting together. And they're living together in the retirement home. So...yep. When we left, we walked calmly into the car, and then DIED laughing. It was horrible. I feel so bad laughing at it. But...come on! As my district leader said: He qualified for AARP before she was even born!  Bless it. BLESS IT. BLESS IT BLESS IT BLESS IT.

Now, onto other things. 

We have had pretty powerful lessons this week! :) We met with our investigator, Jacky and talked to her about the Plan of Salvation! It was awesome. She gave us invitations to her quincenara this weekend. SO STOKED FOR THAT. Her dress is beautiful! We got to teach Des a lot too. She went out of town Thursday to yesterday though. Before she left we talked about the Word of Wisdom, and she accepted it instantly. She has a history of alcohol and she agreed with everything we said. I am so thankful for her and her example to us.

We have been visiting active members, too. It's so amazing sharing the Joseph Smith story with those who already have a testimony of it. The spirit is absolutely undeniable when I or Hermana Ferrell recite that first vision. It truly is the truth! I love it so much. I love it when they connect with it and when they feel the love of the Lord! It makes me want to cry. Haha! 

On the 4th, no one really invited us over...a few families...but that was it. Haha! We ended up going to the Lee's. Valeria told us she was getting ready for a baby shower for a cute little Mexican lady in our ward. She is going to POP any second. But anyway, we went over there, and they were working on the cakes! They wanted to use fondant but hadn't ever used it before. I WAS SO EXCITED. I told them I had used it before for some cakes I've made and they were like "Puede ayudarnos?!" And I was like "Claro que si!" It was SO nice to do that again.  It was so fun and I seriously have missed doing things like that! The cakes turned out ADORABLE. I'll post a picture of the three of us (Me, Hermana Ferrell, and Val) from the shower so you can see!

Yesterday at fast & testimony meeting, there were a lot of people expressing gratefulness for this country (especially the hispanic members). I couldn't help but go up there myself and express how much I know Heavenly Father loves me and my family, because He helped my grandparents leave their country for a better life. And now we have those freedoms! It was such a spiritual meeting! :) 

Anyway, I can't really think of anything else to say! But I know this church is true, y'all! This country is the chosen country for the Restoration. It's amazing how much the Lord set it all up so we could have the freedoms we do. I love reading about it in the Book Of Mormon. This place was chosen as the promised land long before George Washington or Columbus. :) Just like we were chosen to be here at this time long before we even came. ;) Share the message with others!

July 14

This is going to be pretty short because of other e-mails I had to write, but!
We're so excited! She is so ready. She's super nervous, but we're helping her feel ready! It's awesome. The ward I'm serving in is so great too. So many members have reached out to her. So that's probably the most exciting thing that's happening for us as of now!

We've been working so so SO hard (30 lessons this week...it's a big deal). A lot of it is with less actives in our area, and most of them are really struggling with their testimonies. It's a little worrysome and we are trying to figure out what best will help, but we don't plan on stopping!
We went to Jacky's sweet 15 too! I'll post a picture of us with her :) She is so cute. It was so funny because when we were leaving (we had curfew) all of these Mexican men were outside talking and one was like "Hermanas! Where are you going?" and I was like "Home?" and he said "Do you have a boyfriend??" and my companion was like "We're missionaries, so we don't date." and he said, "I didn't ask that. I asked if you had a boyfriend?" This guy was drunk. hahaha She said, "....no?" And I was like "Sorry! We gotta go!" and we booked it. Hahaha it was so ridiculous. Of course, that all happened in Spanish, so it was even funnier. Bless.
I have really been studying lately about the Abrahamic Covenant. In this months issue of the Ensign, there's an awesome talk by Elder Nelson about it! I was so amazed! I've learned so much. Also, I now have 134 days left. And I only know that because I did the math, and started reading Doctrine and Covenants backwards from my 138 day mark! :) I haven't read the whole book yet, so I'm super stoked about it! I'm learning SO much and taking SO many notes! Preaching the gospel is so important! The Book of Mormon is a sign of the second coming! Ah! It all just goes together! Love it.

July 21

I'm staying in Longmont. Haha! And Hermana Ferrell is too! So that's going to be sick. We're super excited for this transfer! It's going to be great. GUYS, I ONLY HAVE 3 TRANSFERS LEFT. THAT'S 18 WEEKS. WHAT?! ;LAJG;HARW;GHRWA;LKGTAW;RG. 

Okay, anyway.
DES GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! Best moment ever. It was amazing! She was so ready! And on Sunday when she received the Holy Ghost? Gah. The spirit was so strong in the Sacrament meeting! It was awesome. :) I love her so much! After her baptism, we were out trying to contact a few people, and she called us and was crying and just said, "I just want to thank you so much for this." And it just made me feel SO honored that Heavenly Father has trusted ME (a stubborn, full of faults, weirdo) to do this. To bring His children back to Him and to help them become what He has designed for them all along. My purpose is clear! To be a disciple of Jesus Christ at all times and in all things. And I will always ALWAYS strive for that so I can be worthy of the trust of all the people I've been helping during these 18 months.
Right now, we're really trying to work on putting together a sweet fireside for the Spanish group. We really feel that they need it and we're going to make it so so special for them. 
As far as other investigators are concerned, we have found a few new ones these past few weeks and we're starting to work with them a lot more too. Also, a little miracle happened yesterday! There is a less active woman we've been kinda visiting weekly named Pamela. She is from Peru and her husband, Bernardo is from Mexico. Bernardo is super nice but he says he doesn't believe in God and doesn't feel anything like we say we do. So he doesn't have too much interest, I guess. But he always sits in our lessons with Pamela and their little ones. Anyway, so yesterday, Pamela came to church! We saw her right before Relief Society started and we were like, "Pamela! Estamos muy emocionada a verle!" And she was like "Si si, y tengo algo a decir ustedes!" and we said, "...Que?" and she said, "Bernardo esta aqui tambien!" And we were like....".....QUE?!" and she said, "Si, el esta en nursery con los ninos!" And we were like WHAT NO WAY! Hahaha. So after church we saw him and he was all happy and such. It was pretty sweet. We're hoping that keeps happening! There's no way he can't feel the spirit if he keeps coming on Sundays

July 28th
Hey y'all! So this week has been a little slower since Des was baptized! But! She is doing great! :) She came yesterday and sat with us. It's so amazing seeing how quickly she's adapted to this new journey. I am so proud of her. :)
So we've been trying to work hard on this idea for the Spanish group! We called our mission president about it and had a meeting with the stake president yesterday morning! He is going to pray about it all this week and talk to the bishop of our ward and then go from there. So, there may be a chance we won't have it, but he told us to keep putting things together in the case it does happen! And instead of a general authority, we think he will speak. Which would be just fine! We've recruited all the members of our committee and are putting ideas together to present to them! So hopefully all of that will work out. It's been really stressful thinking about how stubborn these people are, but at the same time, I really want to give it all I got to bring them back.
 In other news...
We had a great lesson with some less actives we just LOVE, the Chicos, this week. We brought their home teacher with us. They seem to not fully understand the purpose of being sealed for eternity. Hermano Chico feels that all of us are one big family, so what's the point? And Hermana Chico feels that she's already right with God, so why go to the temple for endowments? (It's a little frustrating because this is one of the fundamentals of the gospel--to be together FOREVER. Not "until death do you part". Literally forever. And even moreso, why we have temples!) We tried to explain that there are more covenants and promises God has for us through those ordinances. And that this is a gospel of progression. Not just being baptized and being like, "Well, I did all I needed to!" PSYCH. Not true. They listened and it all seemed to open their minds a little bit. But, I still felt they weren't getting it. It was right when I thought that when the spirit took over and told me to tell Mekenna and Zach's story. I had never fully done that in Spanish before so I prayed while I was talking that I could get the point across. When I finished telling them all that had happened and that Zach was now working on receiving the priesthood and preparing to be sealed to his sweet wife so they could truly be together for all of eternity WITH their kids, Hermana Chico started crying. I bore my testimony that this is TRUE and that this is something Heavenly Father wants for them so they can receive the fulness of the blessings He has for them. They couldn't really argue that. We all sat there and then the subject changed a little bit. But the spirit was undeniable. So I thank Heavenly Father for that.
Anyway, that was a pretty cool experience. Mekenna and Zach will ALWAYS have a part of my heart. Always.
In my studies today, I was reading a talk by Elder Dennis E. Simmons entitled "But if Not...". It is all about faith. I even brought my big binder full of talks to the library so I could share this with you. Feel special. Haha.

 He says, "Faith is believing that although we do not understand all things, He does. Faith is knowing that although our power is limited, His is not. Faith in Jesus Christ consists of complete reliance on Him."  And then I was thinking about what complete reliance means. I won't lie to y'all, I am SO STRESSED about what's going to happen when I get home in November. It eats at me. Because I have many different roads I can take. And I'm scared, quite honestly. How will I have money for school? I'll only be home for a month before going to school, if that's what I end up doing. How can I pay for it? Should I just work? What in the world do I do? And then I thought about what complete reliance is. I'm serving my God. He will bless me. I need to remember that everything will work out. And it truly is in His hands. All I can do is continue to serve Him with all I got, and prayerfully consider these options I have. Later on in the talk, Elder Simmons says, "The Lord has given us agency, the right and the responsibility to decide. He tests us by allowing us to be challenged. He assures us that He will not suffer us to be tempted beyond our ability to withstand. But we must understand that great challenges make great men [or women ;)]. We don't seek tribulation, but if we respond in faith, the Lord strengthens us. The but if nots can become remarkable blessings."
And how true is that? It reminds me of the talk "That We Might Not...Shrink" by Elder David A. Bednar. Do we have the faith sufficient not to be healed? Or in my case, do I have the faith sufficient not to have my plans work out and go with what comes? IT FREAKS ME OUT. But I'm learning what faith truly means. It's truly and honestly having a knowledge that God will provide in all aspects of life. In hardships especially. That's when our faith is truly shown. So many things about this run through my mind as I think about it. But in all reality, it's not really my will, but His
Anyway, I could talk about this forever. I'm learning so much as a missionary and as the Lord's servant. I'm learning about myself, mostly. I feel so different from before my mission. I'm seeing things in new perspectives. 
I hope this e-mail has found you all well! I miss each of you very much and hope things are going good. Please continue to e-mail me your updates! It really makes my week to have e-mails when I get online. :)
Love you all!

Hermana Wilson

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Here's how Sister Wilson has been doing for the past few weeks.

P.S. We're about to hit one year since she entered the MTC!

APRIL 7th, 2014

APRIL 14th, 2014

This week has been kinda crazy.
On Tuesday, we were doing service at Whispering Chase and received news that our new investigator's (Jodi) neice passed away. We were like, "not again!". Bah. So we got to her house and bless her heart....it doesn't get easier seeing people so sad. She was just sobbing and we held her. When she could finally speak, she just said desperately, "I just need to know she is okay and I'll see her again". It broke my heart. Mostly because so many people don't have the knowledge we do. We calmed her down and shared part of the Plan of Salvation with her. It eased her mind a lot. We've been really trying to be strong for everyone around us (3 investigators in mourning right now). It's kinda wearing us down a bit, but we know we are the ones that need to help them, so we're doing our best.
Tuesday night to Thursday night we were on exchanges! I'm not the biggest fan of them haha. But it's been fun. When I was in another area, the sister and I went tracting and got like 30 doors slammed in our face. It was THE BEST THING EVER. Ha. But we did place a Book of Mormon to an agnostic, so that was pretty cool!
On Friday we had dinner with miss Katie Bailey! I FREAKING LOVE THAT WOMAN. Seriously. Just thought I'd throw that in there.
Anywayyy, on Saturday we visited with Angela and her son Michael. Angela is from Mexico! So guess who has been LOVING speaking Spanish? Me. Haha it's so nice to use my language! We have such fun conversations. They go to the base here to the like, thrift store or something every few days and gave us SO many clothes. It was awesome.
On Sunday, Zach came to church again! He hasn't missed one Sunday yet. I'm so proud of him. We had dinner with the Bowlers last night, too. And they invited him to come! So it was so fun just talking and we laughed about SO much stuff hahaha. It was awesome. His little girl, Taylor, and their little girls were all singing Frozen songs and dancing around in their dresses. It was the most adorable thing ever. I filmed some of it. Haha.
Also, since yesterday was Fast & Testimony in Sacrament. I had this really strange feeling that I should bear my testimony in Spanish. We're in an English ward. Haha weirdness. Anyway, I told Sister Fillmore and she went up before me and was just like, "And now my companion is going to bear her testimony in Spanish...so if you don't understand her, that's why." And everyone laughed and I was like "OKAY, so I was sitting there and had the weirdest feeling to do it in Spanish! And then I just thought about how amazing our church is that you can go absolutely ANYWHERE in the world and the church is 100% the same. If that isn't a sign of the true church of Christ, I don't know what is." And then I proceeded to bear my testimony in Espanol! Legit.  It was so cool!

APRIL 21st, 2014

Hi Everyone!
I hope you all had a great week and weekend! We did SO much service at Whispering Chase. Bless them, they really rely on us for help! I am loving it. Maybe I'll be an event planner or something someday. ;)
We had a little lesson with Zach on Thursday. It was kinda last minute, but I really wanted to take the kids a little Easter basket. We got Taylor some cute fairy wings and some candy and such. When we walked in the house, her eyes got so big and she was so excited! Sister Miller (the Primary President in our ward) was already there and she said that the second we walked in and said, "Hi Taylor!" and were talking to her as we came up the stairs, Grayson immediately turned his head towards where the sound was coming from. He knows us. :) I love this family! They went up to Torrington for the weekend to be with family, so I'm sure they had fun!
We had a fun Easter weekend! The Green's spoil us so much! And got us little Easter baskets. We had an egg hunt, too. It was so fun! Two women in their 20's and two teenagers going crazy looking for eggs. Hahahaha! It was so fun. :) We took lots of pictures, too! I think Hannah will post them on Facebook soon. So you can see them! Hannah and Sister Fillmore sang a duet in sacrament meeting and it was beautiful!
After church, we went to Whispering Chase to visit a couple lovely old women who don't have family around. It's a big perk to do service there because we get to know the residents so well. One of the ladies we visited is a member, we took her a little Easter gift and had a great chat. She is so cute!  We also visited another lady that could be on the verge of going to a nursing home. She is so sweet and Sister Fillmore and I just love her. I told her we would come visit, and when we did, she was SO happy. She's a little slow in response when we talk to her, but the smile on her face was incredible to see when we walked in her apartment. :) We eat lunch with her a lot too since no one usually sits with her. I love her!
Anyway, that's really I have for now.  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!! Remember the Savior and all he has done for us.
"He lives! All glory to His name! He lives! My Savior still the same! Oh, sweet, the joy this sentence gives. I know that my Redeemer lives!"
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Because of Him
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