Wednesday, June 19, 2013

3 Week Mark

Yiselle has been in the MTC three weeks today!

She's doing great! She's getting the language down and she is getting along great with her district. Heck! She's even in the MTC choir! Keep an eye for her during the Mission Broadcast this upcoming Sunday. Here are some pictures she's sent along with some parts of her letters and emails.

 Greetings from spiritual prison! 
This first week has been pretty much terribleawesomefun. I had a hard time adjusting at first, but now I'm kinda in the swing of things! The first day was a blur, honestly. I love my zone though, we have some great people! We play volleyball on Thursdays and "Capture the Tie" on Fridays. It's great! We have a great unity thing going on. I love the girls I live with and my district, Gah! There is just so much to talk about!

 We were praying in Spanish by the end of our first full day (Thursday). And bearing our testimonies on the second! My companion's name is Hermana (Macy) England. She is PRECIOUS. We get along so well. When we do our daily planning session at the end of the day, we just sit and talk. We've become pretty close. :) Our district gets along really well and we all eat together as a zone too.

On the 23rd there will be a WORLD WIDE broadcast on TV. It's a mission broadcast from the Marriott Center. The MTC choir will be singing in it and...that's right! I'm in it! And they're pretty good at getting everyone on the screen, soooo there is a chance you will be able to see me! And even better, President Monson (and I'm pretty sure the apostles) will be there! I will be in the same room as the prophet of our Heavenly Father and His 12 apostles! Can you imagine?! I'M SO EXCITED. I seriously feel like crying every time I think about it. We also had the MTC's very first devotional in the Marriott Center last night. There are SO many missionaries (there is another campus in Provo now too because the Main MTC can't hold us all) they had to move it! All of the teachers and administration say that this is a huge historic time to be at the MTC and we get to be part of it! Not to mention the huge broadcast on the 23rd.

Of course, I'm the oldest one in our zone, so that's fun (NOT) but you totally don't realize that they just graduated two weeks ago (yeah, a couple Elders in our district graduated the week before they came here!), or graduated last year. They keep things light and powerful at the same time. So it's nice to be around them! And the sisters are wonderful too, of course.

The Spanish is coming along! I feel really good about it. I am studying like crazy, but with lessons and stuff, I'm getting more comfortable with just looking over what we're gonna teach and not so much what I'm going to say. It has been getting easier! But we're still only on present tense. I'm sure once we get to past and future and subjunctive and all those other confusing as heck ones I'll have more problems. But for right now, I'm doing really well! We have 3 red books entitled "Spanish for Missionaries" and they are big, medium, and small. We call them Charizard, Charmeleon, and Charmander. Yes, from Pokemon. Hahaha! Love it.

Okay, so if anyone is feeling like sending a poor missionary a package with these things in it, I would NOT complain! I need them!

Yiselle is growing spiritually as well. She has written about many spiritual experiences she has had about teaching with the Spirit. She's already a great missionary! Please write her or send her a package at:

Hermana Wilson
2013 N 900 E Unit 324
Provo, UT 84602