Thursday, September 12, 2013

She's Still Alive!

Here are more letters from Sister Wilson :) and some pics too!

Hey guys!

Holy cow this week was pretty much INSANE. I don't even know what the heck to tell you.

Someone just sprayed cologne hardcore in here. Now I have a headache. Awesome!

ANYWAYS, sorry I'm really distracted today. So basically, we went on a lot of exchanges this week. Sister Seaborn's calling as Sister Training Leader is pretty insane. We went on 3 exchanges. So I had like 4 different companions this past week. It makes it a little difficult because it makes me senior companion and I have no idea what the heck to do. So it's been lots of service and calling people. Yayyy. I did get to be with Hermana Vargha on Friday (the sister that was with me at the MTC), so that was super fun.  We also have a new investigator, named Anai, and we are continuing with a young married couple, the Phelps, (cutest couple ever award!) and they are so solid but keep looking at the logical side more than the spiritual. So that's going to be fun.

We had dinner at the Phelps' home last night. Laura's family was in town, so it was a huge Mexican fiesta! We played some games and did kareoke with them. Haha it was really fun. Her family is all LDS, so we had a pretty big gospel discussion.It was very frustrating. Haha. They kept bringing up this ridiculously deep doctrine, like stuff that no one knows the answers to, that not even my brain could comprehend and confused me too, and it just kept confusing them more and more. I finally just stopped the conversation and was like, "Look. This stuff that we're talking about isn't really important right now. What YOU need to do, is continue to study the lessons you have been taught, read the Book of Mormon, because that is the most crucial, and keep coming to church. But the biggest thing I can tell you, is you have to pray about what you're learning. You can't know spiritual truths without praying about them and asking the source of everything: Heavenly Father. We can tell you it's true 'till we're blue in the face, but if you don't ask, you won't know for yourself." So hopefully that helped them in the midst of all the confusion. We decided that we're not going to try to teach them with family there anymore, because we'd start on one subject and it would turn completely into tenets and things that don't matter right now in their journey to finding the truth. BAH.

Anyway, :) hahaha. So apparently there's some psycho jihadist running around Fort Collins threatening the LDS and Catholic church. We got a voicemail about it from the AP's and we were like, "Bring it on." Haha but seriously, if anyone is worried, we're fine! We're on alert and keeping lookout for the dummy's car. It's like a white sedan with black spray paint on it...seriously? We're being safe, and we're almost always with some elders, or members, so we're not alone very much. It's all good! Prayers would be great, though. :)

Today we're going ice skating for P-Day! It should be fun. Hopefully. Haha! I'm loving it here and really enjoying the work. We're visiting a lot of people and we both bore our testimonies yesterday. Our ward is legit. I love them all so much! They're just wonderful. :)

Hey Y'all! Sorry the e-mail is later than usual. We did the Horsetooth hike again! It's our last P-Day all together. :( It makes me so sad! I'll be sure to post pictures with this one; it wasn't as cloudy as last time! Gorgeous view. And the Elders are such'll see what I mean. It's crazy that our zone is this close and we're all really scared about transfers next week. Haha. We don't want to be separated!

Anyway, so we did lots of service this past week. We volunteered at a charity BBQ thing. It was super fun. Pretty much anything we do with the other missionaries is awesome. There were free snow-cones and insane beach volleyball. It was for people that are below the poverty line. It was so fun to see all the kids get their face painted and I helped Elders Tenorio and Gerber with the auction. It was hilarious. 

We also volunteered at Goodwill some. That's always fun too, we find such random stuff there! We've been trying to visit less actives/recent converts too, but since it's the last leg of summer, people are going out of town a lot. 

We did service at Habitat for Humanity as well! Haha that was so fun. We got to break glass on chandeliers they aren't going to sell. Stress reliever much? It's super fun. We got glass in our skin, but you know, it was great!

I don't really have much more to report than that; our ward is awesome. Sister Brink came up and asked me for help on knowing how it feels to be humble. I wasn't really sure how to answer, but I tried. Haha I told her I'd try to look into it. I'm not sure if being humble is a feeling...I don't think it is. I think it's just realizing we are nothing without Heavenly Father and our trials and experiences are meant to help us rely more on Him. I'm going to look into it more before I go too into it.

So anyway, P-Day today was super fun! I made Cuban food! Everyone loved it, of course. Duh. Haha, we all got up early to do the hike again and it was soooo much fun! We were all goofing off at the top, standing around this big table-like rock, and I was recording a video and told some of the Elders to tell me "leaving words" since we may not be in the same zone, and I got a "I've enjoyed every moment..." a "Will you write me?" and then Tenorio just goes, "Ay, we're gonna sacrifice a virgin..." It was hilarious. He wasn't paying attention, but we all died. But anyway! Here are some pictures, I'm sorry this update isn't as detailed as others, I'm pooped from the hike and cooking for everyone.

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