Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Past Few Weeks

Let's see how Sister Wilson has been doing this past month!


Aug 20th

Hey y'all! 

Guess what?! I'M TRAINING A NEW MISSIONARY! Which means I'm a Mom! Frick, man. I'm so scared. Haha! I haven't even finished MY training yet! She came in from the MTC in Mexico yesterday! Transfer days are pretty cray-cray so we didn't get to e-mail then. Her name is Sister Luke! She is from Logan, Utah. She is a sweetheart! We seem to get along pretty well. Hopefully I don't corrupt her too much ;) Haha. It's funny, in the mission we have family trees, so Sister Seaborn is a Grandma! And Elder Gerber is her daddy. Baby Daddy! What up. Hahaha we have fun with it. :)

Most of my friends were transferred to different areas in the mission, so that was pretty lame. I may or may not have cried saying bye to them. But it's all good, I'll see them again soon! 

This past week was pretty crazy. We did a lot of service again, painting a shed at Habitat for Humanity! A friend of mine posted pictures for me on Facebook. Hopefully you all saw them! It was super fun. We painted a Cuban flag on it! Legit.

On Thursday night, we (Sister Seaborn and I) sang at a Relief Society social! They requested us. We would sing around the house and our Member we live with, Sister Fox, thinks we're good and announced it to the whole ward during fasting testimony meeting that we're "Beautiful singers" haha. So the R.S. president asked us to sing. It was nerveracking. But it was fun! Sister Seaborn plays the guitar so we sang Count On Me by Bruno Mars and Drops of Jupiter by Train. Classic, right? It was so cool! I think Sister Fox posted a video or two on facebook. I don't think I did very well on Count On Me, but I was satisfied with Drops of Jupiter. They all complimented us a lot. Haha I don't think I'm very good but it didn't go too badly! So that was...special.

We also helped bail some hay on Saturday! LEGIT. Dude it was so fun! Haha it was hard work, but lots of fun. Them things were heavy!

This week we're in a trio. Sister Fillmore's companion won't be here until next week, so it's nice to have someone that has trained before during the first week I train. I hope to learn a lot and be able to help Sister Luke. Pray for me, please. I really have no idea what I'm doing. Haha it's sad. I told her that we will learn a lot together this transfer! 

Anyway, that's my update for this week. I miss you all and love you lots!

Hermana Wilson

Aug. 26th

Hey guys!
So this past week was pretty crazy! Sister Fillmore, who is in the YSA ward for CSU, didn't get her new companion because Salt Lake screwed up some sister's schedules. So we were in a trio! So we basically were covering 2 wards this week. Busy stuff! It was fun hanging out with the CSU students though. I forgot how much I missed being in a student ward. The Zone Leaders are in that ward too, so we got to spend time with them. They're super cool! Elder Coates is from Concord, NC! And Elder Seawell is from Atlanta. So we all enjoy talking about the south and Bojangles, Cook-Out, Cheerwine (which, by the way, I WOULD not complain if someone sent me some...), and lightning bugs. Haha! They had a mustache party on Saturday, I'll attach a picture of the five of us with our awesome staches. 
Sister Luke seems to be adjusting well to being in the field. I totally understand how she feels! This is all overwhelming for sure. Haha. 
We met with a woman named Shirley on Saturday after we went to Habitat. Somehow we got her information, and she is actually in the Parkwood Ward's boundaries, but we went and saw her anyway. She was telling us about how her Mother has died and she hasn't been the same since. We shared a lesson on how God is our loving Heavenly Father and the message of the restoration of Christ's church. I could just TELL she was feeling the spirit. After the lesson, I asked her if I could give her a hug and she looked like she was about to cry. She told us we made her day perfect and she was so glad we came by. See, it's stuff like THAT that makes this worth it. I am going to contact the Parkwood missionaries to see if she went to church. She was a sweetheart.

We also all spoke in Sacrament meeting yesterday! Our Ward Mission Leader asked us if we would, and he was going to speak too. So since we have two sets of missionaries (and sister Fillmore) in our ward, all 5 of us spoke. Just like 3 minutes each. I talked about how you can't teach the gospel without love. And how all of us are examples to those around us and being a missionary, whether you have a name tag or not, is a responsibility of ours. We have the most precious message of happiness and love to share, so why don't we do it? Don't be scared, y'all. There's a scripture that says all you need to do is open your mouth and the Lord will fill it with what you should say. He did that for me when I spoke, because I definitely had no idea what I said when I got back to my seat in the congregation. Amazing.
I have set a lot of goals for myself this transfer. I'm going to do a lot better. Things have been crazy these past few weeks, but now that it's all dying down a bit, I feel like I can really focus and do my best. We're really focusing on ward unity, and Sister Luke and I are really focusing on the barrier between the English and Spanish sisters. Languages should not be the reason why we don't reach out to people. So I'm going to talk to the Relief Society President this week to discuss what we can do to bring the women together. I have a few ideas, so hopefully it'll all work out! I'm feeling very close to this ward, so I hope that they listen!
Anyway, that's really all I have to say today. We are going to a couple outlets in a little while. There's a Coach outlet. So we all know what this means. I'm gonna cry because I'm poor. But it's all good. Hahaha. And the Elders know that I've been waxing my eyebrows, so they're asking me to help them out with theirs. Bahaha, let the torture begin ;) 
I miss all of you! Know that Heavenly Father loves each of you very much. I know this for a fact. :)
Hermana WIlson

Sept. 3rd
Hey y'all!

So this past week was crazy good! Well, mostly!

Hermana Luke and I have been visiting people like crazy! Our Ward Council has been giving us names of people to stop by and see and w'ere doing it as much as we can! We're also doing a lot of projects and helping Habitat for Humanity finish a house! Legit. 

We had a trainers meeting on Friday. I got to see Sister Seaborn again! :) It was a loverly reunion with my Momma. And we also had a meeting with 2 transfer missionaries. So all of the mishies I came out with from the MTC were there. It was a nice MTC district reunion as well. :)

There are some AWESOME families in our ward that we're getting close to. The Enriquez family are going to the temple next month! Shanelle and Chris are getting their endowments done in a couple weeks. They had been trying to get to the temple for a while now, and for some reason the Bishopric just hadn't seen them yet. I said something during Ward Council last week and after that, they saw them that day! So they had their final temple recommend interview on Sunday night. I'm SO excited for them! Shanelle asked if I would be her escort, and I asked President Brown, but he told me that Elder Christensen wants us to focus more on sealings, so President Brown said I could go to their sealing in October if I'm still in CO. :) :) That would be AWESOME. They're amazing people. They have tattoos like all over them. Haha, Chris has sleeves and Shanelle has a half sleeve and tattoos on her legs too. It amazes me to see people make such awesome changes in their lives. I really hope I get to be there when they're sealed to their family. They have 5 kids.

We had dinner with another member last night, Sister Keesling. She is amazing. I kind of expressed some struggles I'm having with adequacy and feeling important in this work, and she started crying. We had a serious heart to heart. She helped me SO much. And when Sister Luke and I got home last night, she and I had a long talk too. I'm so thankful to have such support around me. 

Anyway, that's really all I have for now. Here is a picture from the meeting! Sister Seaborn, Me, and Sister Luke.  And yes, my skirt is a little big. (SCORE!)

Hermana Wilson

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